Blog2018 ≫ Hot birthday weekend

Was a good weekend all round for thing one's birthday. Some hard work but good results.

Clare was out at another birthday party on the Saturday afternoon so I tried to put one of the new presents together, a trampoline. It's a two man job, everyone says, but I am only one man. Even adding the two boys together as halves would not have helped I don't think. Much getting cross with it and swearing the instructions were all wrong and I packed it in for the day. I think I need more tools, that will help. Thought I was stuck in the house, as Clare was out, totally forgot she had got a lift and so I could have dragged the boys out to the DIY store.

Dragging them out of the house would have proved difficult anyway, they were glued to the Nintendo Switch. Lots of fun on Mario Kart and Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle. They would not have been as enchanted as I with a trip to Bunnings.

For my early evening exercise I took a walk to the Inn Doors as I'd not been able to go the day before. A real flying visit, but someone there gave me some tips for our upcoming trip to New York. Whether I wanted them or not! Coincidentally while Clare was at her birthday party in the afternoon she found that another of her friends is going to be in New York at the same time we are and actually on the same flight back as us. Sure we'll bump into her at all the same tourist spots.

Clare out againt at an exercise class Sunday morning but on her return I went to Bunnings, got the tools I thought I needed. Clare read the instructions for the trampoline and the four of us managed to put it together. The boys really did help, especially thing two with his fantastic encouragement. It was quite a tiring job though, in the baking sun, so I think we got a little burned and are aching today. Not sure I entirely needed the new things I bought to get the job down but a great big rubber mallet is always going to come in handy.

Sunday evening birthday treat tea, off to Pizza Hut. It would be close to my last choice probably, but it all worked out, thing one enjoyed it very much. We took two cousins and everyone had a good time. Even the vegan option there is quite good.

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