Cash back

Cash back

I finally did a bit of DIY of sorts yesterday, a useful job around the house anyway. I dismantled the old bunk beds, stashing the top bunk in the loft for now. So thing one has a normal low single bed, for now, temporarily I thought. When he saw it, and Clare saw it, they both really liked the feeling of space in the room, so is it too late to cancel the new high sleeper bed? I assumed it was, but looked into it, and cancelled it today. It looks like there is room in his room if we squeeze things up a bit to put the desk back in there. So this means I get the money back for the replacement high sleeper bunk bed AND we get to reuse the lovely little desk we had too. And I save a day of DIY fully dismantling the bed and building the new one. So I'm suddenly cash rich and time rich!

I won't be spending my new found wealth on beer, I think we have enough for now. The Brewdog "lockdown survival kit" arrived today, that is twenty-eight beers in an advent calendar style box. Clare opened the first one, it was a Punk IPA. I hope they're not all the same, we already have a few of those in the fridge... Also today my new Beer52 pack arrived, I got eight beers for just £6 postage, though if I don't cancel it it's going to send me another eight each month, at a cost of £24. I might let it roll for a while, it's a nice idea getting different beers that you don't see in the shops, but I hope they're good. There are a couple of lagers in this one, as I did choose the "guarantee they're all vegan" option.

I will be giving some of the money to - I forgot to mention this before, they provide Lego sets to children in hospital and hospices. I was surprised and slightly alarmed when someone brought one round for our boy. It was a big old set and they said he didn't have to give it back, it made me think for a minute he was in a more precarious situation than he was. It's a lovely idea, and both boys have had fun playing with this one, it's the Lego movie maker. There has been screaming hilarious hysterics at the films they have made.

Dad is still in hospital, no-one is bringing him Lego though.

Country cases deaths
USA 28525173 505318
Brazil 10030626 243610
Mexico 2013563 177061
India 10962189 156123
UK 4083242 119387
Italy 2765403 94887
France 3536648 83555
Russia 4125598 81926
Germany 2372209 67547
Spain 3121687 66704


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