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It was missing from my gigography but I remembered being there so did a bit of research and quickly found this HELL YEAH I remember them handing out red bull on the way in to the festival. Everyone thought it was a new kind of beer and were very disappointed that it was a soft drink. I did not drink at that point, though I think I did have a red bull. It was BRAND NEW at this point. Not to be all indie hipster about it or anything but I think this means I drank red bull before you did.

On the topic of things that were probably not strictly vegan that I had at that festival, I think this is the one were someone was giving out werthers originals too. Not just some old man with a pocketfull of puppies standing outside the festival, but legitimate promo people giving out free stuff. Maybe Werthers were new that year too. Just hoe "original" were they though if they were launched with a festival marketing campaign in 1995?

I mostly remember Suede, Public Enemy, Bodycount, Parliament (Bootsy Collins and George Clinton) Bob Dylan, Faith No More, The Wedding Present, Verve, Terrorvision, and The Fall, and I remember thinking about Warren G, though I am maybe confused by all the original P Funk action that was going on.

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