Blog2018 ≫ Got the beetle back

It originally failed the MOT on:

plus LOADS of advisories including the rear lights and the tires being barely legal, but I suspected that. Also there is a handwritten note "excessive corrosion - front chassis / floor pan", and that's what has resulted in 800 quid of welding to keep the car safe and legal:

frame head bottom plate 1 33.00 33.00 track rod end rubbers 2 1.00 2.00 copper brake pipes 2 12.00 24.00 shock absorber fitting kit 2 12.00 24.00 MOT 2 40.00 80.00 Fuel lines 1 6.50 6.50 labour: Take for MOT carry out repairs for mot Carry out extensive welding to front of vehicle. Repair front mounting panel for front beam, replace lower half of frame head. Change corroded fuel line from front to back

16 50.00 800.00

Petrol supplied 1 15.00 15.00


Apart from that, and the dreadful weather, nice day in Canterbury today, good lunch in Zizzi, I had the vegan style of a new special pizza with beetroot and avocado and chilli on it, very nice.

💬 Did some shopping in Canterbury, but

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