Blog2018 ≫ We tried to lunch in Marley's

Enjoyed Marley's last week when we went with mum and dad so tried to go back with Clare this weekend, but no, it was fully booked up. We went to Luben instead, food great again, though they were busy. Their timings are bad at the best of times, this time round a) they had an accident with the last vegan mac and cheese, so had to start my order again which heavily delayed us. Then b) they seem to have forgot the kids food so theirs camed at about the time we'd finished ours. Good news, they were apologetic (different waitress, nice waitress, not the one who tried to blame us for ordering wrongly last time) and knocked money off the bill. I really did try to have the vegan mac and cheese, but ended up with the Sister Seitan designed fake pepperoni, which was very nice.

A quiet day today, just made some mince pies with the boys and about to get them out of the oven.

Clare is in Dover at Pauline's grave, it's the fourth anniversary today.

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