Chambers Easter Ales Festival

FG ≫ 2005 ≫ Chambers Easter Ales Festival

Chambers in assocation with The Ship Inn present their Easter Ales festival this weekend! And I'm going to miss it, DOH! It's on from Thursday 24th - Monday 28th March, and the runners and riders are as follows... Your four regular ales are Adnams Southwold, Ramsgate Dark Ale, Hopdaemon Skrimshander and Ringwood Old Thumper. These beers are generally to be found at the bar in Chambers anyway. There are 12 guests lined up, these may change but right now they're Church End Bats in the Belfry, Titanic Iceberg, Black Sheep Best, Hanby Cherrybomb, Trip FFF Comfortably Numb, Widdey Valley Golden Rivet, Wye Valley Owd Sarah, Ramsgate Dogbolter, Spring Head Roaring Meg, Downton Brewing Co Chimera Gold, Hook Norton Double Stout, and On The Good Ship Chambers Festival Ale brewed especially for the festival by Hopdaemon! The four guest ciders are all rippingly strong; Biddendens Dry, Inch's West Country Dry, Thatchers Cheddar Valley, and Winkleigh Scrumpy Med Dry...


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