Blog2005 ≫ Habitat Radius Oak Dining Table

More Habitat Radius Oak Furniture1, this dining table2. Far too big for us, and optimistically priced I'd say at 490. Got some new bargain offers from Amazon too, PSP Giga Pack with 4 games at 3103, it'd be great if you could pick your own games, but it's from a very limited range. Everyone wants Liberty City Stories3 and SSX Tour3 so they're not included anywhere.. Amazon do have the console only, at 1803, about the best price around, but they can't guarantee delivery for christmas.

Seems the new versions of my wireless router3 and my camera3 are also knocked down. Finally, something we could probably do with at some point, a17'' TFT Monitor for 1403.

Infommercial over. Nothing to report today really. Possibly a big up to Sainsbury, we did our shopping there at the weekend and were in the mood for a hot pudding. All the fruit crumbles and the like were loaded with milk and butter and things, but their economy / value apple pie was vegan friendly, and very good, we ate it last night. Saved some for lunch today too.

Ooh, how to upgrade your IPOD Nano...

5k: Five km, just over three miles in old money.

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