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Where'd my username go? Ah well, today I put some new code up here on the board, and maybe it broke stuff. Also today, went to a new pub to meet some friends, The Angelic, in Islington1. Best thing about the place is the FANTASTIC toilets. They have piped in stand up comedy, so you come back from the bog sounding all witty (or doing a really bad impression of Eddie Izzard or Peter Kaye), and they have statues and fountains and all that. They have their own beer on, though not in the toilets. I had a couple of pints of Angelic, very agreeable, and they have good looking meals and bar snacks.

Unfortunately today saw the release of the Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers2 special edition, and I have come home half way through it, so I am banished to the other room.


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