Blog2011 ≫ Dinner party

Good dinner last night, much wine, then up for the lambing day today...

Had Dom and Jen round for dinner at last yesterday, and had a lovely evening. The first time we've had them round for dinner, though they have hosted us many times. I made a lentil pate for a starter, that I think was OK, Clare made chicken roulade for the main (I had a similar thing with vege sausages) and we had Irish road kill too, and loads of great wine, a successful evening!

Clare's lie in today as it's mother's day but despite all the booze yesterday I had no hangover today, must have been the quality.

Went to the lambing day at Brockhill so the boy could see the animals, we saw lambs and cows and piglets:

Plus some exotic pets like iguanas, snakes, spiders etc. Very busy there today as it's a nice day, so pretty hectic there. The boy wanted to touch everything, he nearly knocked a box of geckos over. Here's him and a lamb:

Compare and contrast with the same day last year...

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