Allotment: very good!

FG ≫ 2009 ≫ Allotment: very good!

Went to Allotment in Dover last night and it was great! We booked a week in advance and gave notice that there was a vegan on the way and they were very accomodating. I had onion soup as a starter, and a spicy bean casserole for my main, both good. Between the other three they also had onion soup (but with croutons and other non vegan additions) and garlic prawns to start, and mains of beef in red wine, "crying" shoulder of lamb, and bass, and everyone agreed these were great too. We had a little bonus course of vegetables which was a nice touch, some lightly steamed and some pickled, very tasty. Puds were also very good. Looking forward to going back again!

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