Blog2004 ≫ Digging for pie

On a quest for PIE, Clare is frightened of the amount of shrooms in this mushroom and ale number, so probably going to make a dessert instead. Found this vegan cheesecake recipe but it calls for a blender, so it looks ilke cherry pie is a winner... Listening to Warrant , whatever happened to them?

Had a big day out yesterday, shopping and that, ending up on Stoke Newington Church Street, it's all changing along there. Bar Lorca has now changed to be a Thai restaurant, Firefly Rhum Shack has closed, the old Shamsudeen has closed, and Mesclun is now closed on Sundays. What's going on? The Lion was a bit quiet but The Defoe and Il Bacio wer luckily as good as ever.

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