Blog2018 ≫ Went to the Harbour Arm looking for vegan food

Heard The Harbour Arm was opening this weekend and Dr Legumes were going to have an outlet again on there. They're not on list of outlets1, though I didn't spot that until later. Bit of a cold day, still a nice walk, we walked up and down the Harbour Arm and there are some new options there, but no vegan food. It looks like they're going to be in a container like Docker are and they're just not ready yet. So back up the Old High Street, a brief look in Steep Street (too busy) and so to Uno Mas for a burrito for the first time! Was a bit cold for queuing in the street, but was nice. I had jackfruit and vegan blue cheese, I think the latter was a mistake, but all the other acoutrements were fabuluous. 7 for a wrap which I think is a bit much but quite a lot of effort went into it, and it was nice.

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