Blog2004 ≫ Poor wee mouse

A fright in the house yesterday, Clare found a mouse, alive this time though. Much shrieking and panicking, so I dressed up as a fat housekeeper in brightly coloured tights, climbed on a chair and beat it to death with a big broom. No, wait, that was in Tom and Jerry. He seemed very disoriented, these mice really must learn that we have no food in our cupboards apart from tins, so perhaps he got trapped and began to starve? Anyway, I caught him under a big glass like you would with a spider, and took him outside. Poor little thing was wobbly and shivering, so I gave him a bit of mushroom, and some money to get into a mouse hostel for the night and sent him on his way. Should have took a picture, it was so cute and tiny. That hardly excuses the crapping in our cupboard, but ah, bless.


I'm sure I saw another Stokey weblogger talking about having mice the other day, who was it, are you out there lurking? Just had a London Bloggers1 seems to be down again, so I don't know where it might have been.

Hopefully got another ringtones deal lined up (Goldie Lookin' Chain Ringtones anyone?), hoe this one can get up and running with any awkwrd legal stuff slowing us down.

Delicious hotpot for dinner tonight, made from an improvised recipe, vegan mince, potato, carrot, onion, mushroom, marmite, garlic and thyme, truly fabulous and we're having it again tonight.

So, no picture of the mouse or the hotpot, but here's a nice picture of a chest that we might buy. What do you reckon, not too dull?

💬 Oh nice chest

💬 Hackney Lookout

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