Blog2015 ≫ Dr Legumes Secret Dinner Club

I lunched in Beano's yesterday with the boys. They'd already eaten in Debenhams, that is number one son's number one choice for lunch, but it's a tradition now that I then drag them to Beano's after for my lunch. Thing two made a bit of a pest of himself there really, but I managed to enjoy by tofu and crispy noodles with a side of sweet potato. The tofu dish was a bit light really, more like a starter to me, but very nice. Their parsnip and walnut cake was great too, and I also ate thing two's banana butterfly cake which he didn't want. Thing one enjoyed his peanut cookie. It was all vegan and he had no idea, sucker!

Picked up a flyer while I was there for Dr Legume's "Secret Dinner Club". No idea what it is, except to follow Which has one post saying "look on facebook", which I don't do so I may miss out on this one.

Am in danger of forgetting we have Pami's supper club at Kipp's Ale House soon too. Looking forward to that, mexican food and real ale should be my dream night. Only cloud really is that Clare has an early start the next day to go to Chessington so she will be insisting we leave promptly...

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