Blog2018 ≫ Walked to Hythe and back

Clare is out working all weekend, so we're home with no car. Well, no car with seatbelts for the kids anyway... so I made them scoot all the way into Hythe and back today with the promise of burgers for lunch if they did. And they did well! It's not really far, it's where I run to in the mornings before breakfast, but for their little legs it's quite an adventure. We thought for a bit about getting the bus back but I thought more exercise would be better.

Went in Iceland to get some burgers for my tea and they have extended the "No Bull" range amazingly! There are now vegan chicken burgers, vegan mince, vegan chorizo, sausages, meatballs, and about five more kinds of burgers. It's absolutely awesome1, get to Iceland immediately!

Had a good mooch around the charity shops too, and bought some CDs because I am mental.

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