Blog2018 ≫ New York day two

Next bit is all voice recognition nonsense that I tried to dictate, so as to remember the content as the trip was going on. Best just skip over it:

Went for a run this morning and Central Park how do I cut Radiology about 4 a.m. because of the time difference didn't get off until 8 in the end at some brief excitement at 5 to 6 then my regular alarm went off that was very pleased. Mom coming off this voice recognition is very bad it was a good 20 minute walk up to Central Park and we try to figure out a route that we could both run different Pisces on me up at Cafe but didn't quite manage that unluckily my Fitbit battery run down we met in Starbucks after that and try to figure out a place to have breakfast but we're at the wrong very expensive and if he's having you so didn't find anywhere so we got pretzel in the street well we're having all run their homes gas until Kevin texted

Mad content from voice recognition will it help me remember the trip?

Wednesday morning we got up for a run, as we had our kit. We got up very early actually as one of my alarms was still on UK time and went off at five to six - Clare not pleased. I was awake so just sat for a few hours until she was properly awake. Twenty minute walk to Central Park then tried (and failed) to find a sensible place to meet after. I ran in a bit of a crazy loop for half an hour and DAMN, my Fitbit battery died part way round. So it didn't even count! I probably don't even have a map of it!

Met Clare after this at a Starbucks to warm up and we tried to figure out what to do next. We were after a traditional American brunch, but failed to find something suitable nearby so decided to just grab a pretzel on the street (another icon ticked off), get changed at the hotel, and go into Hell's Kitchen for lunch instead.

The thing Kevin texted was "are you near Central park? Bomb scare! It has all cleared up by the end of our trip but someone sent explosive devices to various Democrats and news agencies including Columbia Circus near where we were. We were very close to the area that was evacuated while we were running but just missed it. This would be rolling news for the rest of our trip.

Started getting ill later that day. Building up slowly, a combo of messed up sleep, maybe jet lag, but also the cold and general unfamiliar environment.

First stop the awesome Nintendo Store, is this really the only one in the world? Was right near our hotel. The boys would have loved this, we'd not have got them out of here... we got them some small goodies, but not a t-shirt or a game; they'd have loved them but a bit expensive. The t-shirts would be grown out of before we got value and the games are the same price elsewhere. Think they were pleased with their exclusive keyrings and sweets though. Then on into Hell's Kitchen, and Hellcat Annie's tap room. A nice beer pub that did food, I had my first "impossible burger" which is what they call vegan burgers here. At least I hope I understood that right. I had another pumpkin ale here, they had a choice of two, didn't like this quite so much, bit cold and fizzy. I didn't quite get into the American beer. Then more walking round and sightseeing and shopping. Walked past the library from Ghostbusters but didn't go in, quick photo opportunity at the Empire State, through Times Square, into a big closing down department store where I bought pants and t-shirts. Then another Irish bar on the way back, then on to dinner which we must have booked somewhere that I can't remember now. Then an early night.

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