FG ≫ 2008 ≫ Check out Canterbury Whole Foods while you still can

The cafe above Canterbury Whole Foods is going to be under new management in a couple of weeks, so if you want to try the existing vegetarian + vegan cafe as it is now, you'd better hurry.

We visited on Saturday for the first time in an age; on our last visit it was busy and we found service far too slow. This time, not so busy, and quick service.

Perhaps it's part of the winding down of the old business, but the menu was a bit short. We arrived at two and there were not many options left. I had the butternut squash wrap, and as I ordered it that was removed from the board too. Do they only make one of each dish? Also I feel they could have been a bit more generous with the portions, particularly the salads. Meals were not really cheap at 6.95, and salad is practically free, pile it high I say!

I assume the new management will keep the vegetarian format and hippy vibe, but I hope they increase the portion size a bit.

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