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Full on Food was a bit heavy going last night, I must say... It disturbed me slightly, and upset me for the rest of the evening, though perhaps not as much as the presenter Richard Johnson... for those who didn't see it, he decided to pick a cow from an organic farm, see how it lives, follow it to slaughter, and then eat some of it. At the start of the show he hinted what was coming up, and said something about it being the hardest thing a food lover can do. I'm a vegan and this got me fired right up, surely it's harder to stick to your principles and NOT eat the food, even though you might love it, than to just scoff it down thinking "oh boo hoo... more gravy please... this is so sad". BUT, as usual I was leaping in with my opinion before having seen the piece in question. He went to the farm, and showed how well treated the moo cows were, followed it to the abbatoir, and watched it being killed. I turned off just for this bit, so not sure if they showed it or not. The end of the piece didn't show him going "tell you what, it's sad but it's lovely", it showed him sobbing and entirely unable to have the meat cooked, let alone eat. He's a hardened food critic and it made him bawl like a brownie.

Now if he'd said "I can't eat meat again", that would have been double fantastic, but he didn't. After a suitable period of mourning he noshed down on it's shinbones with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall1, but I think he was clearly upset by this whole situation.

Anyway, I forget what point I'm trying to make here. Good show. I'm not normally preachy about these things (I don't think) but maybe everyone should make a meat pilgrimmage like that. Not me, just everyone else.

Lunch today was chickpea salad, parsnip crisps, a pakora and a Purdey's. All ingredients checked, and then checked again, just to be sure.

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