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That website is all about looking for sponsorship, there's not a lot out there for punters in terms of lineups etc... Hank Wangford1 played at the Vortex2 on Friday, didn't know about it until we went there for breakfast yesterday though... Well recommended cooked breakfast, one for vegans and one for veggies and one with cumberland sausage and egg and all sorts, nice and cheap too and the perfect stop off on the way to Clissold Park3 to see the deer and that. There are baby ducklets everywhere on the pond too, bless.

Then went to Borough market, mostly sat and drank outside the Market Porter, but also saw one of these amphibious vehicles driving by, when I can figure out cropping on this photo editing software I'll make this look better, duh...

Came back to Stokey for an ace curry at The Royal Bengal4, the place was criminally empty though, what was that all about? Maybe it was the heat, as Sham Sudeen was also deserted but other non spicy restaurants were doing a brimming trade. Had something called a "phool" (not phall) I think, mostly cauliflower but very nice. Stopped in for a pint first at the Wetherspoons and Irvine Welsh1 was there, no really.

So, later there is bands and that on in the park, oh starting now actually, and giant Monopoly too, will take the camera (to try and catch the obligatory picture of a policeman sharing a joke with someone in a wacky hat) and some bread to feed the ducklets and have a jolly nice time.

Just found out from BBC's H2G2 guide to Stokey that the library5 has Marc Bolan's leather top hat on display, I didn't know he lived on Church Street.

💬 Royal Bengal

💬 Mark Bolan's leather hat

💬 Clicia

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