Went to Thailand Tom last Saturday

FG ≫ 2011 ≫ Went to Thailand Tom last Saturday

We had a nice meal, with nice wine, and by all accounts a nice desert. It's good to have a Thai restaurant locally and I will be back again... however...

In the menu it thoughtfully says "we can cater for any special requirements, vegan, whatever just ask". So I asked, though I was sure the vege option would be ok, just double checking they knew not to put fish sauce in, I was pretty confident there would be no dairy. I went for the jungle curry, just because Clare had one once and it nearly killed her so I have to eat one at every opportunity. It was not as hot as I was expecting, really pretty mild and not worthy of the three stars on the menu... wait a minute! There is no chilli in this at all! I checked with the waiter who checked with the kitchen who admitted they had left the chilli out because I was a vegan. I guess they just panicked. They made me another one, and it was nice, but still a bit weird.

The wine was good, seemed to be well chosen, difficult to get wine to go with something spicy like that but we had a gewurztraminer that did the job.

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