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Another petition1, regarding a tax on plastic bags. With the news that M&S are stopping giving them away things are rollling in a greener direction. With this, and the recent sunday newspaper story that Brucie probably WILL be getting his knighthood soon, I'm feeling like some sort of government advisor right now. Next stop; abolition of stamp duty in Canterbury, a reduction in ale duty2, and a prohibitive tax on dairy products.

Thank you for signing the e-petition about the usage of plastic bags.

As you may have seen from recent media reports, this is a subject that the Prime Minister feels strongly about. As he said last year, our eventual aim should be to eliminate single-use carrier bags altogether. Plastic bags are the most easily reducible form of waste, cutting them out of our lives is one of the most straightforward ways we can all do something directly to improve our environment, reduce pollution and stop their harm to wildlife.

We want people to refuse disposable bags in shops, but if they do accept them, to reuse and eventually recycle them. If we all adopted this approach as a nation we could cut sharply the 13 billion plastic bags, or ten a week for the typical household, which are used and wasted every year.

But we can go further than this. As the Prime Minister has said, if Government compulsion is needed to make the change, we will take the necessary steps. The Government does not take such steps lightly but the damage that single-use plastic bags inflict on the environment is such that strong action must be taken. We have not decided on what precise scheme would work best - we will look at the experiences of other countries around the world in deciding how to approach the problem.The important thing is to come up with a scheme that will be of most benefit, most quickly. Ideally at the same time to secure funds for organisations that help protect our environment.

The actions of millions of British people will send a message right across the world that - as with light bulbs, and standby settings - we can address the danger to our planet. Through the Climate Change Bill, our Act on CO2 campaign, and a new impetus for renewable energy, we are leading the way.

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