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Just checking, and while wondering what all these mentions of hot abercrombie chick are all about (seems to be a weblogger who spams other people's comments to generate links, oops) found another thing like popdex that monitors the popularity of links and topics within the blogs of the world,

Could see the trees in Abney Park swaying hugely past the bedroom window this morning, turned out to be two squirrels chasing each other around the top branches, they'd gone before I got the camera though unfortunately, but here's a pic from the other weekend in Sandgate of a squirrel there. I like squirrels. Bit out of focus as I was zoomed right in.

Latest on the flat, I have a letter to respond to saying "yes, I'll put rugs down", hopefully this is the final stage... we're concerned now that having said "yes, can complete any time, as soon as possible" that it's going to fall when we're on holiday... three weeks today, we'll be there, that's what yesterday's shopping trip was all about, stocking up on new gear for Clare.

Also just remembered, had a smashing lunch while out shopping... I'm sure I've never found anything to eat in Pret a Manger before, so I've not looked recently, but they have done good! Got a little bargain bucket thing with salad and humous and pitta and nice things yesterday, specifically marked as being vegan friendly. They do some proper looking sandwiches in there too. It's owned by McDonalds isn't it? How bizarre...

That's the picture I took on the left (update: no the picture has gone now), that one on the right is something you can buy.

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