Blog2009 ≫ Titanic property investment and an all vegan NHS

Couple of interesting stories in the Guardian podcast today, first a seemingly obviously ill-fated property development in the Harland and Wolff1 shipyard, they're callling it the Titanic quarter. 1000 luxury private flats, 16000 students, a hotel (only three star) a banking centre, a multimedia hub and a Titanic museum. All sounds great, and a lot like our own creative quarter really, with just the extra spin based on the fact the Titanic was launched from that verys spot. Who's going to be able to get a mortgage on one of those new build luxury flats at the moment though?

Also, lordy the NHS has massive carbon emissions, one proposal for cutting these down is serving NO MEAT to patients (and I assume, staff). What a brilliant idea! The production of meat is hugely inefficient and terrible for the environment2 on the scale it's done. If you ever hear stories about how the rainforests are being cleared so as to plant more soya, it's not all because of my soya mince and linda mcsausages, soya's planted to feed to farmed animals.

Interesting how The Guardian make up their urls now, see:

They use the keywords to make up the file name (actually the fake part of the url where you'd expect the file name to be) instead of the subject like I do. I wonder if I should copy them in future?

The dinner's on, I have a good hour or more for larking about on the internet while Clare is at pregnant yoga class, so I can surely find time to post more blog articles about habitat furniture. Instead of writing up proper diary that I might want to look back on one day, like how I got in on Munich or how I'm feeling about soon being a dad...

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