Blog2003 ≫ Viva Las Vegas

I have been in that Las Vegas, nice place, shame about the food, for me anyway. Had a nice grilled vege sub from Quizno's on the way home, but apart from that it's not the best place for a vegan. Breakfast was fried potato and spicy tomato sauce, more than I'd eat at home, but not a lot considering the choice available to everyone else. Not many of the restaurants made any concession at all to vegetarians on their menu, so no hope for me. On place that did was Olives in the Bellagio hotel1. But it was all booked up.

The fountain display outside the Bellagio2 was spectacular. We watched a few goes of it from across the road in a bar in Paris, and then we crossed the road to see one close up. It's all done to music, a different song each time that we saw it, the last one was a 9/11 tribute song "God Bless The USA"... it even brought a tear to my eye, somethign to do with the sheer spectacle of all the water, and the overblown sentiment of the song. Would have made me feel goddamned proud to be an American, or something.

On a more frivolous note, I touched Elvis Presley's own speedboat3 at the elvisarama museum4 drank a yard of Jack Daniel's while watching a tribute band play KISS and AC/DC, and saw5 Chaka Khan, Celine Dion, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, Beyonce, Jewel, Lisa Marie Presley, Ashanti, Shania Twain, Pat Benatar, The Isley Brothers, Queen Latifah, Sharon Osbourne and STEVIE BLOODY WONDER...

It's a mad place, took some pictures, more soon...

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