Blog2024 ≫ Got a great haul of bin food at Tesco

There's a 100% staff discount on some food in the last hour of trading. Anything that has to be used today and would otherwise go in the bin is heavily discounted, but then also has a special code on it which means "free for staff". Sundays are the best time to get this as it's shutting at 4pm, so is closed for quite a few hours, so more stuff to go out. Today I got four Pukka pies, two vegan, two not, but all good for the freezer. Also some bean salad which I just ate as an inbetween-meals healthy snack, a spag bol ready meal which I will risk for lunch tomorrow, and then some vegan bacon, some sliced mushrooms, and a pack of stir fry veg which I will work into a weird dinner for tonight for me. What you never had bacon stir fry?? I'm sure it will be fine.

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