Blog2003 ≫ Bahia De Alcudia

"Guten Tag" as they say in Majorca... weather is fine, though we had one day of rain, food is shockingly bad, Clare got food poisoning one day. Not from the hotel though, we've not eaten much here. The guests seem to be about half English and half German, though it's catered more for Germans. The buffet is OK for me, though every day but one we've eaten out.

Thought by coming not in the holiday season we'd avoid all the children, but no, just more families who are saving a bob or two by sacrificing a week or two of their kids education. Hey, me the social commentator. More holiday based commentary later when I have gathered up all my restaurant and bar reviews and I am not in a room full of reps and other holiday makers complaining about the Eco-tax that we had to pay on top of our holiday. One highlight of Alcudia has been a place called Bons Aires, in Puerto De Alcudia, a really cool Italian place, with stuff for vegans... the garlic bread doesn't quite match up to Il Bacio, but where does..?

Man, even the homepage of this interweb console points to the German version of Google, it's a lot more cluttered than the one I'm used to. Signing off now as this Spanish keyboard is too difficult, all the commonly used interweb symbols are in the wrong place, and my javascript buttons aren't working, bah.


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