Blog2010 ≫ Brockhill Park lambing day

That picture I already posted and some details...

Not very vegan really but we had a lovely time at Brockhill Park lambing day today. Shame we were only there for an hour really. Tonnes of animals not just lambs. The pigs did not look very happy in their pens, this one seemed to be making a bid for freedom. Massive beast, alarmed a lot of people. Predictable gag about it being Clare on the Flickr page:


There were new born lambs too, horses, donkeys other farmyard type stuff and then a room hosted by the local arachnid society. Tonnes of tarantulas and scorpions, snakes and lizards, including a massive tegu monitor lizard that the boy stroked. No pictures of that bit though, Clare would not come into that bit.

Ah, little lamb:


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