Holiday and "holiday" related things, including places, pubs, gigs and blog posts about holiday.If you have something to offer regarding holiday that I have not covered here, Please do contribute. Particularly if you have anything to contribute regarding my family tree, local pubbing or other places, home automation holiday experiments, home brew, ale, or cider. Cheers.

Camber Sands Holiday Centre, New Lydd Road, Camber Sands, Nr. Rye, Sussex TN31 7RL

Live music from Cultured Pearl, The Black Sheep, and The Elbeats. All day barbecue, local foods and Kentish ciders.
This is too close to my house not to go to... on Saturday and Sunday of the bank holiday weekend.
171 Seabrook Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5RT 01303 239024 [2015-05-23 2015]

Cider fest on all weekend, can we make it..? Basement Business Premises, 98 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, CT20 2BE 01303 223333 [2017-08-26 2017]

It always seems to be here, not many places will fit is all in. Stowting, Kent, , TN25 6BA 01303 862130 [2015-12-18 2015]

Food and cider fest at this ace venue, cleverly not at the bank holiday weekend like everyone else... Unit 1, Riverside Industrial Estate, West Hythe Road, CT21 4NB [2071-09-09 2071]

Last day of the holidays... Not actually holiday for me, I'm working, but last day for the boys. And it's raining, so they'll... [Mon 4 September 2017]

Possibly going to be on BBC local news today #wacky #facebook #craze I'm too old for this [Mon 13 July 2009]

Back at work And there's a #iphone on my desk... [Mon 6 July 2009]

Can't believe I'm back in work tomorrow See you there, oh I am so looking forward to it! [Sun 5 July 2009]

Holiday has been going fast Lovely day for it, just walked along Folkestone Leas [Thu 25 June 2009]

Who says I'm unqualified? I just got a certificate... [Tue 23 June 2009]

Due day plus EIGHT So have done a whole extra week at work now that I wasn't expecting, and looks like I might do... [Mon 1 June 2009]

Lone Star Comedy Club 27th June 2009 Line up for Saturday June 27th - Lanterns Folkestone Line up for the next show on 27th June... [Fri 29 May 2009]

I told you a sheep got into our office Here be video [Thu 28 May 2009]

Half price tickets for bank holiday comedy [flickr][/flickr] I know it says... [Wed 20 May 2009]

Toilet troubles Water off, plumber on the way, it MUST be a bank holiday... [Mon 4 May 2009]

Nice knowing you all We're off to IKEA, so in case it ends in a death SEEYA! [Sat 2 May 2009]

May The Fourth Wall Be With You - quiz! Bank holiday monday, maybe see you there.. [Wed 29 April 2009]

Lionel Richie meet and greet! Make sure you ask him "why the long face?" [Thu 2 April 2009]

I think I went for an interview at Sugar Media That's the company of the guy CS gassed in the house of commons last night [Tue 31 March 2009]

Anywhere I roam (part 1.5) The start of our holiday pictures... [Wed 11 March 2009]

RE: How do I geocode my photos automatically for free? Someone on recommended geosetter , which seems to have done the trick so far. Will... [Wed 11 March 2009]

RE: How do I geocode my photos automatically for free? The software I got with my GPS doodah was this: [Tue 10 March 2009]

Rome if you want to Holiday write up part the first [Tue 10 March 2009]

How do I geocode my photos automatically for free? Got my #GPS log, but can't find my software... [Mon 9 March 2009]

Molto buono ma um po troppo caro BACK from ROME, very nice, thank you. [Mon 9 March 2009]

Damn all the symbols are in different places on this keyboard! The hyphen is where the forward slash should be and the forward slash is above the seven. No idea... [Sat 7 March 2009]

holidaybot Yes holidaybot is me too. It sort of works, but not fully ready for a "release" yet though.... [Mon 2 March 2009]

Google maps... ENTERPRISE??? What, I have to PAY??? [Thu 12 February 2009]

Aha Dave says is already doing this [Thu 12 February 2009]

Thinking of starting on twitter again Haven't used in two years , and only really fiddled with it then, maybe it will be... [Tue 10 February 2009]

Munich I was in Munich last week with work , and haven't written it up yet, so here we go... I opted... [Sun 1 February 2009]

The mini winner We gave away a mini at work, I didn't get to pick the winner, so you will have no idea who this... [Tue 6 January 2009]

I don't talk about work so much any more Just got an email about Stone Gods tickets being on sale, that's half of The Darkness, and are... [Fri 19 December 2008]

It loads eventually, in the right hand column Under the youtube video. [Sun 14 December 2008]

RE: Win a mini Where is the competition? I can't see it on the front page... [Sun 14 December 2008]

Win a mini No I can't fiddle this competition for you. [Fri 12 December 2008]

Remember: Eurotunnel is not as good as you think it is going to be Had a nice weekend in Lille, marred on the way home by a Eurotunnel delay. We were meant to be on... [Tue 9 December 2008]

Elizabeth and Raleigh - Late but Live Cool, I agreed to go to this ( our company are sponsoring it) before realising it was a... [Mon 20 October 2008]

Mysterious young entrepreneur secures local support Hmm got emailed this today and thought "I recognise that chap", he used to work at our place .... [Tue 7 October 2008]

No it does seem to have gone I'm sure you can see it at work, and it must reappear online at some point! [Sun 28 September 2008]

RE: Come on over to my place I can't see that video, say's it's not available anymore. Do you know anywhere else where it... [Sun 28 September 2008]

Come on over to my place Do you want to come and work here? See our recruitment video. I'm positive they said they... [Fri 26 September 2008]

Nice effort land lubber [Fri 19 September 2008]

RE: Don't ye be forgettin' dawgs ee by gum, run up the gibbet ya scurvy mutts, or walk up it if your too old. Well,I tried... [Fri 19 September 2008]

Don't ye be forgettin' dawgs Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day ! Every year I think I'm going to make more of a deal of this... [Fri 19 September 2008]

Have a look at Amsterdam Just a little panoramic swoop of a nice and Amsterdammy bit of Amsterdam . There's a canal,... [Wed 30 July 2008]

Refunds on BA and Virgin flights to the USA Get your refunds here ! IF YOU BOUGHT A TICKET ON BRITISH AIRWAYS OR VIRGIN ATLANTIC AIRWAYS... [Tue 22 July 2008]

More video of Go Ape More video of our day at Go Ape last Friday. Actually the same video but I can embed it now.... [Fri 18 July 2008]

More Go Ape pictures Not mine yet, but here are some better pics of the group . [Mon 14 July 2008]

No lunch for me thanks Blee, it's our "rumble in the jungle" fun day at work and they've just completed their... [Fri 27 June 2008]

RE: GBP49.95 for eight days parking at Gatwick airport! Not quite, see location of all the airports here ... I made that map! Well, google made it and I... [Fri 27 June 2008]

RE: GBP49.95 for eight days parking at Gatwick airport! ...and the car park will be just outside Eastbourne [Fri 27 June 2008]

49.95 for eight days parking at Gatwick airport! That's crazy cheap! and choose an Airparks car park . Or just go to... [Wed 25 June 2008]

Free parking at festival for car sharers Free parking in some overflow car park or other if you have three people in your card it says... [Thu 19 June 2008]

the most glorious holiday destination in all England Man alive we've had a lot of press over the past couple of days (we as in Folkestone, rather than... [Mon 16 June 2008]

everything is json these days I can remember the day I first heard of it and didn't see the benefit of it at all but now I use... [Thu 12 June 2008]

RE: PHP 4 to 5 migration PHP4 to 5 isn't so painful, and you get some nice new toys as part of the deal. Currently loving... [Wed 11 June 2008]

PHP 4 to 5 migration Bit of an all encompassing thing this, I use PHP for work and for home, I've pretty much... [Sat 31 May 2008]

Rents not so soaring Well, I'm sure they're still rising , but the flat upstairs has possibly not been let yet, I... [Thu 22 May 2008]

All holiday photos now here In a flickr set Now on google , there are a lot of duplicates though and no title for most of... [Wed 7 May 2008]

Great quiz at Chambers this bank holiday weekend Shame I didn't know about it in advance so I could big it up here... no we didn't win, in fact we... [Tue 6 May 2008]

RE: We saw this Didn't get any here - I've seen them before in Canada. When it's really cold the halo effect is... [Sat 3 May 2008]

We saw this Strange halo effect around the sun , did you get it here? It was mad, I have tried to photo it... [Fri 2 May 2008]

Farewell then, John Price John left our team on Friday, did they get him a brand new car as a leaving gift?... [Tue 22 April 2008]

And we're half way through the week already! Well I am, don't know about you, I've got Thursday off too. Quiet and lonely night in tonight,... [Tue 18 March 2008]

Ooh, new Holiday Extras design: Holiday Extras , who I work for, though obviously the design is nothing to do with me. I've done... [Tue 11 March 2008]

Happy Anniversary to me Pretty sure I've been at Holiday Extras for one year, today. [Tue 29 January 2008]

I think that "duck shoot" will be coming back soon Show and Stay [Wed 23 January 2008]

RE: Show And Stay Was that the version with the carousel of shows which spun round like ducks at a fairground shoot? [Wed 23 January 2008]

Through to the semi-finals We're having one of our "fun days" at work, got a team music quiz going on throughout the day,... [Fri 18 January 2008]

Maille Mustard Just the fact of me mentioning and linking to has shunted them to the top of the... [Sun 23 December 2007]

If a picture paints a thousand words... Does this video clip of us in Belgium this weekend make anything I have to say on the subject... [Wed 19 December 2007]

are you sending this from your desk? Or are you off on three weeks christmas holiday..? [Tue 18 December 2007]

RE: I know you like to be kept up to date on my work fun days Pleased to see you are having a great time, do you do any work!!!!!! [Tue 18 December 2007]

I know you like to be kept up to date on my work fun days Especially for you Dean, but I know everyone likes to be kept up to date on what goes on here at... [Tue 18 December 2007]

Fabulous weekend in Brussels Sorry I didn't tip you off in advance, I didn't want you to burgle my house. Pictures and even... [Mon 17 December 2007]

York (being the fourth part of my holiday) York is great, a lot like Canterbury , but seemingly with more pubs. Our hotel was the birth... [Wed 21 November 2007]

Most comments on a youtube video EVER! Well, the most for me anyway , from people that I don't know, who've just tracked my video down... [Wed 21 November 2007]

Nothing happens now, that's my bet [Tue 20 November 2007]

RE: Bank Holiday great news - but does anyone know what happens now? [Tue 20 November 2007]

RE: These are 'official' petitions Its good. Click on info' and comms'.I have signed quite a few [Wed 14 November 2007]

These are 'official' petitions They will be noticed and commented on (if they get more than a certain number of signatures,... [Tue 13 November 2007]

RE: They have accepted the petition on Sorry, I had my Mark Thomas hat on - it was the thought of the Government choosing what we were... [Tue 13 November 2007]

They have accepted the petition on Not sure where the wording comes from, just forwarding on a mail a friend sent me as I agree with... [Tue 13 November 2007]

RE: Bank Holiday "Number 10 Downing Street has approved a petition" Is it just me, or do those words not sit right? [Tue 13 November 2007]

Bank Holiday Number 10 Downing Street has approved a petition that was requesting a new public holiday... [Tue 13 November 2007]

Yay I can get into both now :) [Sat 20 October 2007]

I need to get rid of some of those flickr slideshows... Can't tell what the domain is from here because it's inside this building. Can you see... [Thu 18 October 2007]

It's called a carousel I think the Flash version was a free download... Originally we were going with a really cool... [Thu 18 October 2007]

Ping pong Well I tried a ping and it can't resolve the domain. DNS I tells ye ! I use freedom2surf's DNS... [Thu 18 October 2007]

Hmmm Well, maybe my internets are wonky ! I always seem to have some problem or other.. Firefox sez... [Thu 18 October 2007]

RE: Show And Stay Hmmm. Now that I'm a Flash / Flex developer - how did they do the spinning thing on the front page? [Thu 18 October 2007]

Shouldn't be any issues like that! There's always been a site at that address, this is just a revamp of it, can you really not see it? [Thu 18 October 2007]

Live you say ? Coming to a DNS near you soon ! [Thu 18 October 2007]

Show And Stay Been working on Show and Stay for ages, it's just gone live today, SMART! It's a whole new... [Wed 17 October 2007]

The sister-in-law's waters have just broken This is a medical term that is related in some way to having a baby apparently. This means we're... [Fri 17 August 2007]

Hot weekend Had a good week, lots going on at work, including the aforementioned rowing trip and picnic... [Sun 5 August 2007]

A view over the pool Nice shot of the pool... More pictures to come... [Fri 3 August 2007]

I like the sound of Sheffield Next time we're heading North I think we will go there. [Mon 30 July 2007]

Just like a man.... Oh Southports lovely...... bit of an arse to get to. Next time you should try Morecombe, bit of... [Mon 30 July 2007]

Great weekend Splendid birthdays thanks, we had a meal at Escondido and drinks at The Ship just for a... [Mon 30 July 2007]

Didn't go up the tower or on the ride I'm guessing they are the only bits of Blackpool normally to bother with, but based on the rest... [Tue 24 July 2007]

Oh NOW you come up with suggestions... If I'd engaged a bit more when we were planning our trip I'd have preferred to go to Sheffield or... [Tue 24 July 2007]

RE: Blackpool (being the third part of my two week holiday write up) blackpool is indeed an awful place, you should have gone to southport which is lovely, as my... [Tue 24 July 2007]

RE: Blackpool (being the third part of my two week holiday write up) Have to say I totally understand what you're saying about Blackpool - I've been there a few times... [Tue 24 July 2007]

Reporting from the Lake District (being the fourth part of my two week holiday write up) More photos up now , but here's a bit of video we did. We were originally going to go for a... [Sun 22 July 2007]

Blackpool (being the third part of my two week holiday write up) Have you been to Blackpool ? DON'T EVER EVER GO THERE, man alive, it was the worst place I've... [Sun 22 July 2007]

Oh NOW you come up with suggestions... [Fri 20 July 2007]

RE: Scrap the licence fee Tosh. So a company they use to make programs spiced up a show, it's hardly earth shattering. And... [Fri 20 July 2007]

RE: Edinburgh (being the second part of our holiday) I'm glad you enjoyed Ed, I think it's a great place to live. I forgot you were into your real... [Fri 20 July 2007]

Scrap the licence fee The BBC are a bit annoying at the moment aren't they? If they're not punking the the queen with... [Fri 20 July 2007]

I thought at first they were peasants who'd been caught trespassing There's a picture of the house somewhere in my pictures ... More pictures to come! [Wed 18 July 2007]

RE: The wedding (being the first part of my two week holiday write up) Now thats what I call a BBQ! [Wed 18 July 2007]

Edinburgh (being the second part of our holiday) Edinburgh is nice. "Our kind of city" the wife wrote on her postcards, and I agree. We got a... [Tue 17 July 2007]

The wedding (being the first part of my two week holiday write up) We started our little trip with a wedding, the least possible wedding that was still attached to... [Mon 16 July 2007]

Hello old friend Been on holiday for the last two and a bit weeks, I didn't publicise this here so you didn't... [Sun 15 July 2007]

Yes That's my new job, I'm a developer for . [Thu 8 February 2007]

So you work for I'm confoosed. [Thu 8 February 2007]

it's the Intel version the quickest and the best of those. They're great, not as cheap as PC's though, or maybe it just... [Thu 1 February 2007]

RE: osx hmmm so i think i meant which config... [Wed 31 January 2007]

osx probably not going dual boot it, I don't think I need windows for anything on here. Don't know... [Tue 30 January 2007]

powerbook pro is it set up to do a dual boot, i.e. os/x or xp?? which model is it you've got? [Tue 30 January 2007]

Working! Great weekend visiting family and friends, more on which later, I am pressed for time now I'm... [Tue 30 January 2007]

RE: I was looking for a job, and then I found a job Nice one chum! [Wed 24 January 2007]

Wahey, good luck with flat number three! When I catch up with you and I am a landlord too, maybe I'll be able to make it along for one of... [Wed 24 January 2007]

RE: The plan is to keep the flat too Many congrats on the new job - oh the irony of working for a travel firm and then... not having... [Wed 24 January 2007]

Crash? What crash? I hung on for years and years wary of buying convinced there would be a crash. If I'd bought when... [Wed 24 January 2007]

The plan is to keep the flat too Might be a bit ambitious, but I don't see why, we didn't spend as much as we might have done on... [Wed 24 January 2007]

well done rude boy. hythe isnt far away - time you bought a car though i think. also, dont buy now - save... [Wed 24 January 2007]

Congratulations Big congratulations on the new job and well done on finding one in Folkestone. Does this mean... [Tue 23 January 2007]

I was looking for a job, and then I found a job No posts for a few days, I had something to say but wanted to wait until I got an official... [Tue 23 January 2007]

Folkestone - seventh best holiday resort in the UK From the Guardian : Sam Hill, spokeswoman for the Camping and Caravanning Club, which has an... [Fri 5 May 2006]

Monterey Just setting up a place holder here where I will post the next part of my holiday honeymoon... [Fri 23 September 2005]

Now that is just wrong! You gotta see someone at the Airport! [Mon 19 September 2005]

Saw NO-ONE while on holiday I thought it was THE LAW that you saw famous people at airports? I think I saw someone from... [Mon 19 September 2005]

Jamie Redknapp Well, really a sighting by proxy. My sister saw him in her local picking up a take away. She... [Mon 19 September 2005]

A good start to the holiday Knew there was going to be something up when the driver of the train told us he had to reboot... [Wed 31 August 2005]

Wagamama is on Longmarket, near the Cathedral Nando's is down the other end, St Peter's Street... there's TONNES of choice in Canterbury.... [Tue 30 August 2005]

where is wagas in canterbury? and where is nandos? where have all these restaurants sprung up from? back in the... [Tue 30 August 2005]

Bank holiday WEEKENDER! Stop panicking everyone, I'm back, reporting on updates of the weekend... Quite literally THREE... [Tue 30 August 2005]

Bank holiday WEEKENDER! Got my first network alert popup today, as I left the wlan bit turned on on the Pocket PC ...... [Tue 31 August 2004]

What I done on my holidays Well, that was the holiday then. A fantastic 168 hour long boozy lunch, we didn't do much more... [Mon 17 May 2004]

Post holiday blues. And reds Man alive it is hot today. Very disappointed to get back to the UK yesterday and find it almost... [Mon 17 May 2004]

Half snowman, half machine Monster snow and music event at Xscape Indoor Snow Arena, Milton Keynes. Lesley Mckenna and... [Tue 20 April 2004]

Download: Stage Three Free Download tickets for me! [Tue 13 April 2004]

Extra holiday Nice, just found I have 3 more days holiday than I thought, so having Christmas eve and New Years... [Mon 22 December 2003]

A public holiday to celebrate us winning the world cup? come on Tessa, let's have it ... "We will look at all the appropriate ways of marking this...... [Mon 24 November 2003]

Holiday reading While I was away I read Matthew's Prize: Being the Tale of a Whitby Orphan Boy's Longing to... [Wed 11 June 2003]

Thieving bastards Look out if you're coming to Majorca , the place is crawling with thieves. Actually no it's not,... [Mon 9 June 2003]

Bahia De Alcudia "Guten Tag" as they say in Majorca ... weather is fine, though we had one day of rain, food is... [Sun 8 June 2003]

ooh message number 100 posted on here. [Mon 2 June 2003]

Alcudia Off to Majorca in the morning, for a week, staying at Bahia Alcudia ... playing pool , by the... [Mon 2 June 2003]

Viva Las Vegas I have been in that Las Vegas , nice place, shame about the food, for me anyway. Had a nice... [Sun 25 May 2003]

Metal Bowlie! A weekend of ROCK at Camber Sands... [Wed 18 September 2002]

Reading for me And that is what I done on my summer holiday... [Tue 27 August 2002]

Running Order Nah, can't be bothered... hope you're having an ace bank holiday weekend! [Fri 24 August 2001]

PopEx Coo! "No news for bluddy ages" shocker... [Tue 13 June 2000]

Oasis @ Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms I was there at The Wedge , ace gig, and I really do remember this one, unlike the Nirvana @... [Mon 2 May 1994]

Paul Clarke's - I work and live in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. married to Clare and father to two, I am a software engineer, and I do mostly js, Node, python, ruby, and php. I like pubs, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal blog, so if you search here for pubbing or other venues it will only return holiday pubs / venues I have been to or will go to. It will hopefully return those anyway...If you want a more general search Please try holiday on Folkestone Gerald, where I have national and international venues...

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