Blog1994 ≫ Oasis @ Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

I was there at The Wedge1, ace gig, and I really do remember this one, unlike the Nirvana @ Birmingham Hummingbird one I wrote up the other day...

Found this bit of text from an NME interview, written by Simon Williams, quoting the band talking about their stay at the Holiday Inn North Harbour (now the Marriott).

"It's a stupid place to put a pool, innit?" frowns Liam. "It was just asking for trouble putting us in this hotel." "It's true," nods Noel, wisely. "Those plate glass windows are just saying, 'THROW A CHAIR THROUGH ME!'" In fact, were it not for a bar bill totalling 150, the odd bruised band member and some suspicious chinking noises emanating from a large black bag being heaved through the foyer out to the van, you could almost convince yourself that nothing had happened. Really.

I seem to remember East 17 were at the same hotel on the same night, having played Portsmouth Guildhall.

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