Blog2018 ≫ Week five of Couch To 5K

I have been dreading this week, was sure week four was the end of the doable exercise but today went well. Was easier than the last one, I hope it continues in this vein. Last week was three minutes, then five minutes, then three minutes, then five minutes, whereas today was just three lots of five minutes with shorter breaks inbetween. So the improvement is it's all longer runs and shorter breaks I suppose. Anyway went like a breeze. Today I listened to the Elis James and John Robins podcast while exercising, so far I have listened to music every time. I thought music would be better for this but the chat did distract me from the running a bit which is good.

Also very slightly hungover today as I went to the PTA meeting at the Ship last night, and it was great. Stayed longer and had more to drink than I expected. Nice to see so many people out. Maybe the booze helped with the 6am run today.

Not sure if I am going to the pub tonight as my regular drinking buddy is on holiday, but maybe.

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