Blog2003 ≫ Suede

Suede play London, 12th of December, bit steep though... do I do nothing but complain about costs? Am I mean? At least it's a proper gig that we have a chance of getting tickets to, after the fiasco that was the ICA.


Popex has been down at the weekend, the box hasn't been right since it was moved - a new logging process seems to have been started, I deleted the file and there was some unattached data filling up the hard disk. Might not be though. Barfly admin thing has also been misbehaving, since being disconnected during the virus problems. Got lots of sendmail processes and a huge syslogd hanging around.

Are there any doctor's surgeries in Stokey1?

UPDATE: There's a surgery on Statham Grove apparently, down the bottom of Stoke Newington Church Street. The only other mention I could find of one doesn't give it's name and says it's closed to new patients. Isn't Hackney GREAT?

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