Blog2018 ≫ Awesome few days in Portchester (before we get on to New York)

No trip to the Inn Doors for me last week, the day before our holiday started, but fair enough. Clare was out for Dom's birthday so I had a quiet night in double checking my packing. Then up bright and breezy, leaving Clare to her hangover, and we were off. A problem free drive to Portchester, we played number plate spotting games on the way.

Just to Mum and Dad's and then a fast dash to Fareham. A lunch at Dave's to meet up with lots of other friends and their kids too. Thing One got a play on Dave's boys PS2, and a game of hide and seek too while we ate soup, drank beer, and caught up. Then on to football.

Thing one's first game, and only about my fourth and it was a great experience. A dry sunny day at Fratton Park, and a win for Portsmouth against Fleetwood, keeping them top of League One. We all said we'd go to another game again soon, but will we?

A quick turnaround with a takeaway inbetween, and off to Portchester Cider Festival. An awesome time catching up with the friends there, we had such a good time we are planning the next trip already, and I'm looking forward to the same event next year. I paced myself, kept it session on the daytime strength ciders and kept my souvenir glass to the end. Then ruined it by going for a couple more at the Seagull, where we had a great time again.

Sunday I went running, still got it, to Port Solent and back. Saw Nan and had an awesome lunch with Kez and Rob and Jack, and relaxed the rest of the day.

Monday we collected Clare and I cooked tea, and then we're all set for our trip to New York...

UPDATE: How did I forget Monday morning's trip to Spinnaker Tower? The boys were keen, and none of us had been, so we all headed down to Gun Wharf and up the Spinnaker Tower. A really good day for it, so nice to see such a lovely view all around. The cafe was good too, not too expensive, and we got in with a "locals" discount for Mum and Dad having a Portsmouth postcode. We even bumped into some friends at the top, how odd.

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