Blog2012 ≫ What's your biggest holiday fear?

What do you mean you don't have holiday fears? I always have the same thoughts when I'm away on holiday, and it's these, in order of likeliness:

  1. Someone will die
  2. The house will be burgled while we're away
  3. There will be an invasion of zombies
  4. The house will burn down

I have these thoughts every day while I'm away, and for the full duration of the journey back to the house on the last day of the holiday. This time, somehow, one of these very nearly happened. When we got back (oh yeah, we have just been to Turkey, more later) there was a smell of gas - one of the rings was on. No idea how this happened, seems like we must have left it on the night before we went away. We were away for TEN DAYS? How did we manage this? And how did it not cause us a bigger problem? And how much is our gas bill going to be? We could have had bigger problems than a gas bill though I suppose.

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