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I see not only that there's a new Terry Pratchett book out, but that Amazon have changed their URLs, so they now have the author and title at the beginning of them... this is GOOD for them, for getting a page listed higher in some search engines etc, but it's BAD for me as now I have to rewrite my code that slips my affilliate link into such things.

On the subject of such things, I'm off to check Terry Pratchett on ebay, I have a load of his books in hardback, some first editions, and some signed copies and stuff. I get the feeling that unsigned copies of his books are rarer than signed copies though. Also while I'm posting about books, that reminds me I need to sort out another affilliate deal - I found someone selling something that I want, for a lot of money, and if I want it, then you might want it too. OR,if I post about it often enough here, someone might stumble this way who wanted it anyway. Either way I might be able to earn a commission.

More job news as it comes in (got a second interview, my little holiday could be coming to an end), and my write up of Paris coming very soon too.

UPDATE: And we're done on the link, it's to - find more than 80 million out-of-print books worldwide... I have been after a copy of Faust illustrated by Harry Clarke for a while, and they have some first editions on there - at nearly three grand though. Don't buy one of those, I think I can only get commission on books valued under 500...

I see lots of signed first edition Terry Pratchett books, at asking prices over a hundred quid, a few of those I have too. Not actually getting excited about this though, as I don't see any bids on any of them. Off to check ABE Books for more of the same...

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