Blog2018 ≫ First version of my holiday packing reminder calendar is UP!

[It's here]](, though it is only the first draft. Got more to do, including making it look nice of course. So far though you can add a holiday to it (either mark one of your own holidays already in your calendar with a ✈️ ison, or one click to add a dummy holiday for testing), then one click to copy all the events from one of my holidays, and another one click to remove them all again when you are fed up with it.

As a test, I have a forthcoming trip for some future date that has a reminder to find and pack my passport 24 hours before, charge my headphones twelve hours before, check the bathrooms are all clean and the taps are off (tsk kids) one hour before, and double check the windows are all locked 5 minutes before we're due to leave. Then with one click you can add all these so they remind you at the same periods before your holiday. More importantly (as I am the only one likely to use this) it will automatically add the same for my next trip.

The best thing about this is it is entirely serverless. I have written the code, but it is served from gitlab, at no cost or maintenance worries to me. Then it actually runs only in your web browser when you visit the page1. All the data is stored in your own google calendar only, none of it is shared with me or with anyone else.

I would like to add some preferences to it, not sure how best to do that yet. Can store that on your browser, or could store it in the calendar, either way I still don't need to store any details myself.

One disadvantage of making it serverless and inobtrusive like this, I don't get to see who is using it or how, and there's no chance to profit from it. But it's been fun, is useful to me, and has not cost anything so no worries.

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