PopEx ≫ 2004 ≫ Half snowman, half machine

Monster snow and music event at Xscape Indoor Snow Arena, Milton Keynes. Lesley Mckenna and friends have built a big half pipe and will be demoing and competing in snowboardy type things. But that's not all, Zane Lowe is hosting the music side of it, and he LOVES Goldie Lookin'Chain... There will be a festival sized stage with all the required lights and action, placed upon the snow at the bottom of the 1/2 pipe. Top bands will play snow-sets throughout the day plus Zane himself will DJ inbetween the bands. The line-up to date includes Goldie Lookin' Chain, Million Dead, Kill Kenada, Atmosphere, The Holiday Plan, Vinyl Dialect and Jetplane Landing.

Not sure you can get tickets via popex, but you can here: hadenoughofpop.com/popatpop/1 and you can win them too...

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