Blog2010 ≫ Nice weekend, if a bit chilly

Thinking about holidays now...

Snow, lots of snow, lots and lots of snow. Had to go out in it a couple of times, The boy's water babies was snowed off, so first time out was to do some shopping on Saturday. I got a voucher through the post from Direct Line (my insurers) offering me some free stuff, and do you know, it was actually free stuff no strings? It was a voucher for an armful of cold weather stuff from Halfords, a scraper, screen wash, lock de-icer, normal de-icer and so on. Halfords were all out of lock spray so I got an extra squeegie instrad. Did not have to buy anything, nor get a new insurance quote or anything. Guess it puts me in a better frame of mind for when my actual renewal is due... NEXT MONTH! And the car tax! Damn that's my profit share wiped out then...

Other things the weekend, we watched Paranormal Activity1, so so. Nice and atmospheric in parts but I wouldn't really bother. Lots of darts which was good, nice tense final between Martin Adams and Dave Chisnall. And a family sunday dinner round Clare's mums, after which we discussed trying to book a holiday as a big family group. How do you do such a thing? Tried looking on the internets but can't get quotes on groups staying at the same place, the only options are mega expensive mansion villas - we really just want to be staying in apartments on the same complex or something. Clare has gone into an [s]estate agents[/s] TRAVEL AGENT this afternoon to get some help.

The boy has such an appetite at the moment, he's getting quite greedy, just like his dad.

Day eleven of not drinking and things are still good. Clare has switched to not drinking in the week, pah what about some solidarity? It's not like I kept drinking all through your pregnancy or anything is it? Oh.

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