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Westlife \"overpriced\" says The Market...

Westlife - the Irish popsters "co-managed" by Ronan Keating - are "overpriced" say the majority of popExers... Despite having their 5th and latest single go straight in at number one, as did the previous four, market forces have forced the value of their shares down from a peak of 1041 to 907 pence, nearly a pound below their IPO price. In this, they're similar to, but looking at the specific aspects of their careers (namely DANCING, and SELLING HOLIDAYS) the two are quite different.

On a related note this week Westlife were hit by a bizarre claim that they are "not number one, they've not had five number ones, and they didn't all go straight in at number one". With no information to back this claim up, the anonymous punter seems to have disappeared back into the undergrowth...

UPDATE: I don't think I originally wrote this one.

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Thu Apr 06 2000

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