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Who is playing Reading / Leeds?

Tune into "Lamacq Live" tonight at 8, where our Steve will be exclusively revealing that Guns 'n Roses will playing at Leeds Festival this August Bank Holiday.

Damn, that went a bit pear shaped innit? I have been playing some sort of logic puzzle all weekend with myself based on rumour factlets I'd heard, and I was planning to announce my deduction this morning. But http://www.nme.com have already done it.

Sounds like they'll only be playing Leeds, not Reading - could be unfortunate tour schedules, could be the fact that Reading always sells out and is first choice for industry blaggers.

I wouldn't put money on them (Axl, and whoever he chooses to be his band) actually making an appearance. A six way accumulator on The Strokes, Offspring, Foo Fighters, Pulp, Sum 41 and Muse might be worth a go though...

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