Blog2018 ≫ Got into my online share save thing at last

Thought this was going to be a hassle, have to get into some online account in order to say what I want to do when this share save matures. I've had it running for three years, it matures at the end of March. First I couldn't find the paperwork, then I confused the account number (that I have) for the user login number (which I don't), then just got annoyed with the automated phone system... but today I spoke to someone, I could still remember the password, so they could sort me out over the phone. So I'm in to the account, I must try not to click the "withdraw my funds now" button as that's not going to give me the best deal. I get to buy shares and the shares have gone up, so come the end of March, I can pay for this year's holiday, including Clare's trip to New York.

What am I going to wear to New York? I don't want to be taking lots of clothes with me, can I get away with one pair of walking boots or should I take some smart shoes with me too..?

Quite a productive day so far then, share save call the plumber and this afternoon I have a call with someone about a new version of popex / celebdaq... don't suppose it will go anywhere but it's something else off my list.

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