Reading for me

Reading for me

Being a lightweight this year (and NOT AT ALL because I couldn't get a ticket for the whole show, oh no), I only caught the first day of Reading festival this year, but here are my highlights...

+The Datsuns doing a set for the Jo Whiley show in the bar, at about midday... they only played three songs I think, only one of them went out on air, but this set the standard for thew whole weekend. Christian Guitar did his Angus Young bit up and down the bar and EVERYTHING... +The Datsuns rocking the Carling tent mid afternoon... very rammed, very big crowd, very rock... +Ross Noble, he's funny, and he phoned up Craig David live on stage. +Kennedy soundtrack - they had a hard job, following the Datsuns, but they were good in their Faith No More way... kind of a default fourth place here as this was possibly the only other thing I saw all weekend. Maybe we saw a bit of the Strokes, but it was so dull I have forgotten all the details. +The Datsuns - no not really, I have seen them too many times recently, and am becoming desensitised to them. SO, I won't be going to see them at Virgin Megastore this afternoon, but I WILL be buying their single In Love when it comes out on the 16th, and their eponymous debut album a few weeks later...

Was there REALLY rioting at Leeds? Sounds suspicious to me.

💬 Reading 2002

💬 The Datsuns

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Tue Aug 27 2002

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