Blog2012 ≫ Hey I said I was going to make a music pie

I said I was going to make a music pie, and look, there it is, down to the bottom right of the page... It's getting the genres of music I have listened to from last.fm1 recently and made them in to a pie chart. Well Clare has gone out tonight, I am left in alone and not drinking, what else was I going to do?

Next step - update last.fm1's genres with my own as I listen to tracks. Right now it's only doing it with the genres I put in there by hand. I have also written some code to use the last.fm1 api today too, that's where I'm getting the chart and the genres from. Was easier than I thought, and the technique is basically the same as the technique I failed to grasp with Twitter, so maybe I'll give twitter a bash again soon...

Chart of the week

  1. 517: No Such Thing As Julius Caesar's Dad Jokes

And top artists of the week

  1. No Such Thing As A Fish
  2. The Smashing Pumpkins
  3. Ben Folds
  4. Megadeth
  5. The Cure

This chart is the live chart for this week, it's not frozen as of the 20th January 2012. So this chart may be blank on any particular week, if I've been on holiday or something.

UPDATE: I'm almost constantly listening to music, I hope there will be some of the music I like listed on this page. If there's no music listed here it either means I have not listened to much music recently or something has gone wrong regarding my music listening online. I may stop reporting my online music listening at any time...

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