Blog2018 ≫ Share save cash is in

Share save cash is all spent! Well nearly, have paid off New York and just working out how to pay off Center Parcs. When I pay back the money I borrowed from work for last year's holiday + tax then that doesn't leave much. Enough to go out this weekend though, going to use a Go Ape voucher one of the boys got as a gift, so off to Bedgebury Pinetum. Hope the weather is good, will have dinner somewhere on the way back.

Have treated myself to some packing cubes, gone a bit mad, that is five quid gone. Might help me back more quickly and efficiently, including for Sofia next week.

Got the day off today, we're off to tennis in Hythe this afternoon. Have already made a chilli and descaled all the things, a very satisfying job. I might even mow the lawn before lunch.

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