Blog2018 ≫ Did not go for a run this morning

I was awake and all but didn't go and it feels odd. I am deliberately taking a day's rest before starting week five... but it does feel like I should have done, feels like a wasted opportunity. I had a short walk after the school run and will have a similar one at school pick up today but then may have to go out later just to get up to my 10,000. And I have been beating 15,000 most days recently.

Could be a busy evening. We are not expected for the nephew's birthday, there are no plans for cake or anything so we have sent the present round there with Grandpa. Not that we only go places if there is cake but I just don't think we are expected. Then there is the last swimming session of the year today, and he has missed the last three because of prizegiving and illness so we ought to go. Then there is a PTA meeting at the pub later, not like me to miss an opportunity like that but I might do.

There's a school picnic-lite at the park today to say goodbye to one of the teachers, and then there is a full whole school picnic tomorrow and finishing early. And then the Summer holiday starts in earnets. For them at least. I do actually have a few days off lined up so will have a few short weeks, so nothing too stressful.

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