Blog ≫ 2003 ≫ WAHEY we're BACK!

PopEx is back at last, sorry it was out of action for longer than expected. Well, when I say "sorry" I mean "I heard about it, but didn't really notice, as I have been on holiday this week.

The site was meant to be online again on Thursday, so I made no contingency plans for dividends, so there were none, how about double next week? This will mean hanging on to your shares for twice as long as normal I think, just to be a bit fairer. You'll still get some divis even if you buy the shares next week, though it'll be a proportionally lower amount...

While I'm here, some good / bad news from The Darkness - firstly they've moved their Reading / Leeds appearance, they now play Reading on the Friday and Leeds on the Saturday - looks like I'm going to miss them now, boo! BUT, good news, the next steps in their plans for world domination: dates in the United States of America and Canada! They play The Bowery Ballroom in New York on 18 September, Lee's Palace in Toronto on 20 September and The Roxy in Los Angeles on 22 September...

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Fri Aug 15 2003

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