Blog2009 ≫ Damn all the symbols are in different places on this keyboard!

The hyphen is where the forward slash should be and the forward slash is above the seven. No idea where the pipe symbol is so I cant do some really important stuff to rebuild the main blog page!

Cant _ Cant _ EH _ That should say CAN'T, but with question marks, where the hell have they gone on an Italian keyboard??? Ah, there they are.

Having a great time so far, despite having to change planes before leaving Heathrow, and the hotel having no hot water on our first day. We have done all the sites, the Vatican, the Pantheon, Coloseum, Circus Maximus (well, saw that one from an open topped bus, that will do). Have eaten well, even managing in a restaurant (Italian) yesterday where they spoke NO ENGLISH! We did not just ordere, we asked questions, explained my special needs, and made extra requests. Multo buono!

Waiting for Clare to get ready now, so sat in the hotel bar.

Oh, did I not say? We are in Rome. Back tomorrow, and back REALLY EARLY, so if you are thinking of burgling the flat, don't bother. For one thing, we have everything of value that we own with us, and for anther we will be back REALLY EARLY and will probably catch you in the act.

Speak again soon, with lots of photos and videos and things. Out tonight for another delcicious meal. Probably Italian again.


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