Blog2018 ≫ Think I missed a couple of runs

Only day two of week seven of Couch To 5k today. I don't mean I have skipped the actual running but I'm sure I've done day two of week seven before, I think if I don't click "save this run" at the end then it doesn't log that I finished it. I've done this once before I'm sure. Hard to tell really at this stage though as it is always the same, five minute warm up, twenty five minute run, five minute warm down. I did the same route as Sunday, up the canal path, along Twiss Road, and back along the sea front. Was harder today, very tempting to stop.

Was cooler when I started out today but soon warmed up, the beach getting busy already with fishermen, and a few people camping. I really like seeing the vanlife people on Princes Parade, will be a real shame if that has to end.

Less than three weeks now to our holiday, surely time to start packing.

5k: Five kilometres, about three miles to you.

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