Blog2011 ≫ Where did my holiday go (part four)?

Sunday morning obviously up before anything good was open in Brighton. I hunter-gathered a Starbucks and took it back to Clare and we packed up our things. We left the case in reception and went out to make the most of the rest of our little trip. Another walk around town, can't remember if I had anything for breakfast, but not long before we went in another pub. We toyed with a different Wetherspoons, really just to see what sort of building it was inside, as it looked interesting outside. Inside it looked like one of the BAD Wetherspoons, so we headed down on to the beach instead. We took some more pictures and looked for fossils for my nephew. Not just beachcombing for them but checking out the shops on the front. Lots of shells and that sort of thing, but no fossils. We went in to "Brighton's Number One upside-down boat pub". Nice view out of the window that we failed to capture in a million snaps, so we stopped for a shandy. I'm glad we didn't accidentally stumble in to Brighton's number two, three, or even four upside-down boat pub as this one was not much cop. One of the shandies seems to have been made with water instead of lemonade, but the lady behind the bar was having none of it, no there could not have been a mistake, no nothing could have gone wrong, she did it all right. I DON'T CARE IF YOU THINK IT'S ALRIGHT, it was not, just pour me another please, she did. I was a lot more polite in person than you might have thought just from my whinging about it here. The interior of the pub was quite nice, the roof did look like a tipped over boat, but we had to have plastic glasses because if its beach front location.

Clare returned to the site of her former glory and played the Dolphin Derby again, against other people this time, no chance of a prize now.

Decided to splash out a bit for lunch and went to Food for Friends. Another vegetarian, a little more formal than Terre A Terre, and more expensive, but not quite as good. Still brilliant, Clare particularly enjoyed her assiette of puddings

Our train ride back to Mum and Dad's was quieter than the journey here. We had a lovely time in Brighton.

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