Blog2011 ≫ Lovely bank holiday weekend

Yesterday we went back to Tenterden for the day. Weather looked great on the way out, despite the bad forecast. As we got there it started booting it down with rain. We nearly headed home again, but just about braved it, and managed to mostly avoid getting wet for the rest of the day. Had a lovely lunch in Prezzo with some online vouchers, the boy's lunch was good and HUGE! Drove back the long way, the old roads which were bare and winding. Nice to drive, though the boy disagreed, he was sick, boo. He is often sick when I am driving him home, something about my driving. Was OK again by the time we got home though.

Today we flipped and flopped, ummed and ahed as to whether to go to Sandgate for the Sea Festival or to go swimming in Deal. The weather was not looking good so mostly we were set on Deal, but then there was a break in the rain so we headed to Sandgate and had a lovely afternoon. We got there as most of the stalls were packing up, but still lots of people around so a nice atmosphere. We went in The Hub for a coffee before heading home, and Clare was saying I ought to go in The Famous Ship Inn for the beer festival. I should of course, but on my own? Looked for a local friend and couldn't find his number so was about to head home but then another friend found us, specifically in The Hub to find a drinking buddy. Destiny or what? So Clare took the boy home and I had a few brilliant ciders on the roof terrace of The Ship. The weather was still undecided but mostly we braved it outside, and made a splendid afternoon of it.

Now Clare has gone to see the latest Harry Potter film, and I am home catching up on the sky plus.

Oh the boy and I applied for passports this weekend too. We are one step closer to a foreign holiday next year. Clare has been doing the research, looks like we will be going to Turkey.

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