Blog2011 ≫ Little nursery

Had another good day, I went with Harry to "little nursery", the play group in Seabrook. Lots for Harry to do there, we came home with a couple of pictures. Then Granny and Grandpa took him for the afternoon and I finished some decorating. The bedroom is done now, except for a bit behind the wardrobe. I couldn't move the wardrobe on my own even after I emptied it so I've had to bodgily paint around it. Everything else is good though, as well as the bedroom I did the "shoe cupboard", a bit downstairs that has been neglected since we moved in, and a few other bits of tidying up. At last I got round to some of the tiny paint jobs that I only remember when viewing certain rooms from certain angles. Mainly when sat on the toilet actually. I've taken the radiators off and painted behind them - I love these flexible radiator connections we have all over this house.

Going swimming tomorrow, in Canterbury because the pool I would normally go to in Ashford has a schools session on. Means we can have lunch in Canterbury too, hope it's all OK just me and Harry. Clare is back the day after! We have missed her, but it does seem to have gone quite fast. If I had not been on holiday this week it would really have felt a long time I think.

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